“I love my spoonie bag so much! It came within the time it said it would, and every part is great. I’ve become very attached to the beanie monster and the maze, I’ve been using both to keep my hands occupied rather than chewing on my fingers. I don’t personally take any special medication, so I keep a few painkillers and a spinner ring in the pill pouch. The eye mask is very soft and efficient at blocking out the light, which is import for me because I get badly overwhelmed by light sometimes. I haven’t really needed the tear wipe so far, but it is soft and well made, so I give it a thumbs up too. Essentially, this little bag is a lifesaver, if you’re thinking about getting one, go for it!”

“This is awesome!!!! I love it! I carry it around with me, it’s so helpful! And it’s so pretty too! And very well made! Thank you!”

“Very helpful in stressful situations. I love this kit. Very well made.”

“The workmanship on this set was impeccable. In the future I will be ordering extras to leave in my vehicles, suitcases, etc. Truly well-made and a wonderfully thoughtful item.”

“Such a sweet and perfect stimming toy for anyone with autism, anxiety, or any other reason they might need soothing and grounding. Bought as a Christmas gift for a partner with severe anxiety and trich. Thank you.”

From professionals:

“These are durable, colourful, one-of-a-kind mazes,  bean bags and small satchels which are tactile tangible handmade ways to help clients become mindful,  grounded, present, and feel more resourced both in session and out in the world. Self-soothing made FUN and beautiful too!”

Felisa Shizgal MEd RP
Registered Psychotherapist

“When creating a mindfulness space in my classroom, I was looking for products that students could use as calming tools, the Grounding Mazes were perfect. The motion of working a bean through the stitched maze allows students to focus on a task, reducing anxiety and stress while working towards achieving calmness. The Grounding Mazes are made of variety fabrics and designs, they are soft to the touch and appealing to the eye.”

Anne Daley
Special Education Teacher