Spoonie Bags

TARDIS (Dr. Who)

The Spoonie Bag is a small zippered pouch containing items to help with grounding and over-stimulation. It is designed to help people who may get triggered or over stimulated to stay grounded and maintain focus.

As a person living with PTSD, anxiety, and chronic pain I have a lot of experience with getting triggered when I’m out and about. Sometimes it’s an anxiety attack, sometimes I dissociate and miss out on what’s happening around me and lose focus. Based on strategies that I learned in trauma therapy I designed the Spoonie Bag to provide another tool to make day to day life more manageable and enjoyable for myself and others dealing with similar issues.

The bag is made to be not only functional but as a means
of self-expression. It comes in a variety of prints to suit all
tastes and styles.

Contents of Spoonie Bag
Tear wipe pattern and colour will vary.


  • Button hole for head phones.
  • Small D-ring allows you to clip bag onto back pack or belt loops.


  • Detachable pill pocket so that you can carry just the meds that you need while you’re out. No more rattling pill bottles or nosy people reading prescription labels over your shoulder. Pocket is attached with a snap and can be easily detached to put in your pants pocket or wallet.
  • Re-usable absorbent flannel tear wipe.
  • Fabric grounding maze, choose from several prints.
  • Cute squeezie monster, can be used as a stress ball or a fidget.
  • Flannel eye-mask to help reduce sensory overload.