Grounding Mazes

Maze pile

These grounding mazes were inspired by marble mazes I had seen on sites for parents of autistic kids. I wanted to create something more complex but without any puzzle to be solved. I also wanted it to appeal to both children and adults. The circular labyrinth design is based on large walking labyrinths used for meditation.

Inside the maze there is a small bean that you work through the labyrinth with your fingers. Because there is only one path it can be done without paying too much attention to it. Because of this it is perfect for keeping you present in your body and the moment in moments of anxiety, dissociation or over stimulation.

The small button hole allows you to remove the bean when you want to wash your maze, it also makes it easy to replace the bean if necessary.

Every Spoonie Bag comes with a grounding maze, or you can purchase them separately.