Holiday markets are upon us!


Things have been busy around here lately. I’ve decided to dive into craft shows – or maybe wade is more apt – and I’ve been on a steady sewing schedule since the end of August. This, of course, has been sprinkled with medical and mental health appointments, for both me and the kid. So far this fall I’ve done an upper GI series, a sleep study, a respiratory function test, and various blood tests and I’m not done yet.  It’s been a juggling act and I have to remind myself that it’s okay to take a day to rest and focus on self-care, but it’s worth it, it is so worth it.

What I love about doing craft shows is talking to people and seeing them light up when they start playing with the mazes and monsters, or hearing them say, “This is brilliant!” when I explain the Spoonie Bags. It’s not just because they like what I make, it’s feeling that invisible connection to others who are trying to navigate the same waters of autism and mental illness that I am. I know that I’m talking to my people.

And speaking of craft shows, I’ll be at the West Rouge Holiday Artisan Sale this Saturday at the West Rouge Community Centre in Scarborough.

If you’re in the East end come by and see me!


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